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Capital Management and Investment Expertise

person holding black iPhone displaying stock exchange
person holding black iPhone displaying stock exchange

Not to mention

Innovative Capital Management Strategies

Our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technology to create effective investment plans that optimize returns and minimize risk. Simple and Easy to Understand.We will seek investment in companies that fall within our circle of competence to evaluate, meaning we can reasonably predict the company's long-term earnings potential with a strong degree of confidence.

a man walking across a rope over the ocean
a man walking across a rope over the ocean

And let's not forget

Diversified Investment Portfolio

We work with each client to customize a portfolio that aligns with their goals and risk tolerance, using a variety of investment vehicles.B2CN International Assets invests in strategically positioned companies that it believes have limited downside, expect to be leaders, drive innovation, and have the potential to deliver substantial long-term value for shareholders.

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turned-on monitor

First of all

Expertise and Experience

We have decades of experience managing client assets and a history of delivering results that exceed expectations. Kinny built B2CN International Assets to focus on compounding investors' capital at a satisfactory rate over time. His pragmatic approach to investing can be credited to Warren Buffet. Kinny selects investments by focusing on business quality, which encompasses the company's long-term productive ability to generate predictable, recurring cash flow and the potential to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. Through prudent capital allocation, optimization of timely opportunities, and investment in high-quality businesses with compelling growth prospects, Kinny believes is the optimal way to deliver enduring value for investors. Prior to founding B2CN International Assets, Kinny gained portfolio management experience working for his family's businesses, where he was responsible for managing and investing the company's portfolio.

Who We Are

B2CN International Assets is a leading capital management firm with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals. We always think and invest for the long term. We generally hold positions for 2-5 years and, occasionally, more prolonged. Over time, we have studied that investing in this fashion is the most effective and financially rewarding way to generate high returns for our investors.

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